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Confined Space Rescue Training

Confined Space Rescue Training Levels – All classes include the use of our mobile rescue simulator.
1. Non-entry Rescue – This training covers confined space evaluation and principles, permitting, metering, equipment, knots and non-entry rescue techniques.  We utilize our mobile simulator to conduct rescue scenarios.  Course length is 8 hours.

2. Advanced – This program is similar to the non-entry, however we do full entry rescue drills with and without the use of supplied air.  All participants complete First Aid / CPR / AED training as part of this course.  Course length is 16 hours. 

3. Refresher – Annual refresher training allows workers to practice their rescue skills as required by OSHA.  Course length is 4 to 8 hours depending upon the types of rescue being performed.

4. Accelerated – This program was designed for companies whose employees are experienced and have verifiable confined space awareness training along with current CPR / First Aid / AED training.  


The program content is similar to the Advanced program but the hands-on drills comprise the majority of the training class.  Course length is 8 – 10 hours. 

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